- The More Muscles you’re Working, the More Fat you’re Burning -


“When my wife purchased her 3rd ‘Ab machine’ I began thinking why aren’t exercise machines developed around moves with far more bang for buck than the sit up. So I did something about it, and now we have the ‘ARC-NRG’.” – Cameron Sims, Inventor.


 About us

 Being a busy working couple, like millions of others, we looked to home based exercise solutions to help us try and maintain some level of fitness. However, our consumer experience with this left us feeling ripped off and conned after purchasing 'gimmicky' exercise equipment, falling against the trumped up marketing claims and misleading information around exercise and how the body works.


We are all about doing the opposite: All of the results, none of the 'BS'!

Our objective is to offer a home fitness option that can actually deliver on it's claims, furthermore, only make claims about the product that are backed by facts around health, fitness and how the body actually works.


It was back in 2011, and thanks to a convincing infomercial and '5 easy payments’ – my wife had just taken delivery of our 3rd Ab machine, desperate to believe the amazing claims made in the advertising.

This latest Ab machine was a real piece of crap! I don’t want to name names, but I will say they did get sued over some of the outlandish claims they were making around what it could do for you, and in so little time. Now, it's not that I’m ‘anti-Ab machine’ most of them are good at working your Abs – my problem is with them being marketed under the false notion that doing sit-ups or crunches will burn off your belly fat! Or that a purely ab focused routine is a viable option for achieving your health & fitness goals.

It’s easy to get sucked into the ‘before‘ and ‘afters’ especially with the ‘sexy six-pack’ images, (apparently “sex sells”!) I certainly believed at one point that a few crunches a day could blitz my ‘love handles’ and ‘spare tire’! But after educating myself on the facts around how the body works, especially around burning fat – then you realise the notion of working only 1 small muscle group, like your abs, to get the job done is next to useless. But so many people still get sucked into this. It made me mad and I wanted to do something about it.

I challenged myself to develop a Home Fitness Product that could stand up on it’s own merits

My product would have integrity, not requiring bogus or trumped up claims in order to sell. Something that delivered bang for buck. Something that could appeal to people by simple truths around what is does and how it can help you achieve your physical goals.

My brief was to produce something that could help with gains in strength and building muscle, and to be efficient in Burning Fat, so working on the premise ‘that the more muscle you’re working, the more fat you're burning’ I looked to Compound Training Moves, which hit multiple muscles in a single action. With the 5 major muscles groups it works, it was hard to go past the push up! Unlike sit-ups or crunches that just work the Abs, this awesome Compound move hits multiple muscles; Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back, Core – plus engages the lower body muscles with the plank stabilization.

So now…. we have the ARC-NRG PushUp!

About our product

ARC-NRG PushUp -the name is inspired by it’s Arc design and it’s function of assisting with the energy required to execute the move.

You could consider the ARC-NRG PushUp to be an evolution of a long line of Ab Machines, but really it’s a revolution. The reason the ARC-NRG PushUp is based on the push up is no accident, this move delivers on ‘bang for buck’.

So many Ab machines have been purchased under the false belief that you can target fat loss, and that crunching your abs is somehow working off your belly fat. Not true - 3 big scientific facts why this is a waste of time;


You Put Fat on in Layers – and it comes off in layers. 

1) When you exercise you work your muscles – not your fat. The role of Fat during exercise is to be used as fuel to give your muscles energy to keep going as you exert them during continued exercise. And importantly, you are not targeting the Fat local to the area you are working; there’s this whole process of triglycerides, which exist in your fat cells, being converted into glycerol to enter your blood stream, to then become used as fuel for muscles. This happens all over the body – you can’t isolate this process for ‘spot reduction’.

2) The Abdominal muscles are a single, small group of muscles. So while they are important on many levels, and deserve attention, the amount of energy expended while crunching away is minimal. It’s estimated that it takes around 22,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat!

3) Compound Moves work multiple muscles in the one action. The push up, hits 5 major muscles groups, which includes your core, plus it engages the lower body to stabalize your plank position.

When you understand and accept these facts, it doesn’t matter what you consider your problem area is, be it; 'jelly belly', 'love handles', 'bingo wings', 'back cleavage', 'cankles', 'turkey neck', 'thunder thighs' etc, etc - if you’re exercising to burn fat, remember:

- the more muscles you’re working, the more fat you’re burning -

It’s not just a simple numbers game of what works the most muscle during exercise, it’s also about energy used during the recovery stage, which is the rest period that follows exercise when your body repairs and recovers (also known as the ‘after burn effect’ when referring to post exercise benefits). And there’s more: working more muscle leads to more muscle growth, and this increases your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the more energy your body burns during rest. 

Pretty hard to get a good workout if you’re failing after just a few reps

There’s a reason the push up has been around for an age, this classic compound move has long been a staple in measuring one’s fitness and strength. Military and Police forces around the world continue to use push ups to evaluate new recruits.

So the Classic push up is undisputedly a great exercise in it’s own right. Problem is this challenging, body weight move is exactly that: challenging, as you need to push your full body weight to do it. You wouldn’t hit the gym for the first time and attempt to bench press your full body weight!

 This limitation of one resistance level is the push up’s only down side. It’s not only a problem for beginners, or people carrying excess weight, but even the athlete looking to include some ‘hard core’ push up variations in their routine will have limitations when the resistance level is always the same. Or consider the athlete training to recover from injury – a reduction in resistance level is essential as the body regains it’s former glory. Lots of Personal Trainers religiously prescribe push-ups specifically for their female clients. Many of whom, must resort to doing them off their knees due to lack of upper body strength – this method excludes the core and lower body engagement, and still leaves you with a single level of resistance. As we age, this compound, resistance move is perfect to help prevent muscle and bone loss, but the older we get, it’s even harder to do.

We didn’t invent the push up, just a way to scale the resistance.


So with the ARC-NRG PushUp we’ve come up with a design that lets the user select the amount of body weight acting as the resistance, without compromising on the functionality of the move, meaning the full benefit the Push-Up offers is being tapped into. The ARC-NRG PushUp brings scalability to the classic push up. It allows you to dial up or down the amount of resistance, so whether you’re just getting into exercise or you’re a seasoned pro looking to mix it up with some hard core variations – you can select a level of resistance that allows you to execute the move with perfect form, and then increase the resistance as your strength grows. 

The ARC-NRG PushUp can be an excellent functional trainer for the Yoga Practitioner (Yogi), Kayaker, Rock Climber or anyone wanting to work on increasing (or balancing out) upper body strength. As either the centre of your fitness routine or a strategic training tool, the ARC-NRG PushUp can Improve, Fine Tune or Maintain your Physical Being!