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So why the ARC-NRG? Why was this invented? What’s it do, and who’s if for?

Well, I’m glad you asked, and I’ll be happy to provide some context on all that:

For decades millions and millions and millions of AB machines were sold all over the world. And sadly, for most customers this was a complete waste of their money. Because these were all, and yes, I’m going to say ALL, sold on, what I like to call a 'myth'-conception; that you can target Fat Loss – also called spot reduction. Which is completely un-true, bar using a Plastic Surgeon’s knife – but not from exercise. Now the marketers of these AB products knew this was such a wide-spread myth and they leveraged off this in their advertising.

In my household, we were just as guilty as most, and by 2011 three of these AB-type devices had made it across the threshold. The latest of which, was the biggest piece of crap yet, and the quickest one to be relegated to the garage to start collecting dust. Trying to get more into fitness, and this latest contraption, which proved to be gimmicky at best, got me really pissed off – that these things could be sold the way they were and advertised without a hope in hell of making good on those promises. So, in addition to working my body, I decided to start working out my mind also, to educate myself on health, fitness and how the body actually works, especially when it comes to gaining muscle, burning fat and the role played by resistance training.

You don’t have to scratch the surface too deep to reveal the truth on this.

You can kind of understand how this myth gained traction and was (is) so widely believed regarding spot-reduction or targeting a problem area for fat loss. I’ve heard it a 1000 times, as people grab a handful of that spare tire around their mid-section and say; “getting a bit chubby, better start doing some sit-ups”. We naturally think that we should focus our work out on the problem area to reduce fat there. But the truth is fat and muscle are 2 separate things. When we work out, using resistance training, we work our muscle, nothing to do with our fat. The fat just comes along for the ride – doesn’t really have a choice - right? And it’s there to be burnt as fuel. Now here’s the other thing; it has nothing to do with where that fuel (the fat ) is burnt from, in relation to what muscles you are working - the body doesn’t work that way. There’s this whole process called lipolysis, check out this video for more info on this https://youtu.be/A1qC2Wv4cU4

Long story short, during a workout (and following one) the body will take a bit of fat from all over to burn as fuel, and that’s why you’ll never see this –         [weird looking cropped image]

– you’ll never see someone with a six-pack, but  still with a relatively high % of body fat on the rest of the body.

Now, it’s not that I’m completely anti-AB machine, I just don’t like the way that they were marketed and sold to the unsuspecting public. In their essence; a machine that assists or supports you throughout an exercise, is a noble and worthy device. But for reducing body fat? Nope - there couldn’t be a worse strategy than incorporating sit-ups or crunches, that focuses on a single, small muscle group, to do the job – it just ain’t gonna happen.

So, armed with this new education on health, fitness and how the body works, I decided to do something about it.  I looked at the worthwhile concept of an assisted exercise machine but marrying it up with a legit exercise – I turned to compound exercise that work multiple muscles. And hard to go past, arguably, the world’s greatest compound exercise – the Push Up. Working over 5 major muscle groups with every rep; Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Back and Core muscles + all the secondary stabilizer muscles throughout the lower body that are engaged as you maintain the plank-like pose though out the exercise.

    The More Muscles Your Working, the More Fat You’re Burning™

So, now we have the ARC-NRG PushUp – it helps you do push ups!

For those who can’t, now can, those who can’t do many can now do lots – with proper form AND get a real workout – enlisting resistance training as you adequately stress and fatigue the muscles and do a far greater job at burning unwanted body fat – at least 5 times better than any AB machine!

Whether it’s for fitness or strength training, injury recovery or simply staying in the game a bit longer as you get older – the ARC-NRG may help.

The Push Up has been a go-to exercise for an age – because it works. I just invented a way to scale the resistance.

Continuing on our righteous, legitimate path 😉: please take on-board the above information on exercise as one part of the story – you know this one; ‘Diet AND Exercise’. Unless you get your food intake right, it’s likely you’ll never achieve the goal for your ideal physique; whether that be increasing muscle mass, reducing body fat – or both.

Abs are made in the kitchen and you can’t out-train a bad diet. I’ve tried……can’t be done.

Cameron Sims

Creator  |  ARC-NRG PushUp