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Michael before and after home workout program


When I embarked on the Arc-NRG 28 day challenge I had no idea what to expect. The only things I knew for sure was that I was not happy with my existing work out regimen and that I wanted to lose a ton of weight. So I made a decision to go all in. I decided to do everything in my power to perform the exercises and stick to the diet plan as strict as possible for 28 days. Initially, I thought the ARC-NRG machine would be awkward and extremely difficult to use. Much to my surprise I found the complete opposite to be true. The motions felt natural and with each passing day I felt my core getting stronger and stronger. In addition to the workouts I felt a real difference in my body due to the foods I was eating from the diet plan. I felt more energy and less bogged down. I even began to notice a difference in the appearance of my skin. I found myself cooking everyday for my family and as a result my wife lost 10 pounds of her own! In such a short amount of time the difference in my stomach, back, arms, and chest are drastic. In 28 days I have lost 17 pounds! Looking forward to incorporating ARC-NRG as a permanent part of my life style.

The ARC-NRG PushUp was like having a personal trainer at home to help me with my alignment. As a practicing yogi I always focus on my alignment and using this training tool helped me fine tune my push-up. I loved the 28 Day Challenge! ARC-NRG PushUp Program helped me tighten my gut and feel better while working out. 

When I saw Koya's post about a fitness challenge, I questioned whether I was ready. I knew I had work ahead of me, but my health is important to me, So I showed up to the Arc-NRG 28 day challenge- not knowing what to expect.  When I first walked in and saw that push up were a huge part of the workouts, the butterflies in my stomach intensified.  I have never been able to do push ups due to a back injury.  Even doing yoga, planks and push up position (Chaturanga) are poses I tend to avoid as my form never quite feels right.  When using the ARC-NRG machine, push-ups are a whole new experience.   By design the machine makes a pushup look effortless, and does not strain your back to boot while doing push-ups.  I remember the first time I used the machine, I was shocked to be able to do 5 push-ups, engage my core, all without discomfort in my lower back.  And that was just the first time!    Over the span of the next 28 days, this program not only made me stronger from the workouts, but made me even more aware of what I was putting in my body and helped me get back to a more healthy lifestyle.  Even when I came down with the flu for ten days, the program helped keep me on track. I was the last person to ever think push-ups were a "good" full body work out for someone like me, but the Arc-NRG program changed that.  Thank you Arc-NRG for showing me I can!

I didn’t know what expect when I committed to the 28-day ARC-NRG journey. I wanted a program to kick start my weight loss without having to stop due to two ACL surgeries and Plantar Fasciitis, What I have found using the ARC_NRG program, I stayed committed and its now a lifestyle. ARC-NRG took all the excuses away— portable, easy set-up, quiet and the sliders were perfect to use in any environment which made it easy on my knees and feet. The nutritional program gave you permission to eat well and make the right choices to feed your body. This is the first time since 2005 I am under 200 lbs. – now 196 lbs. I have dropped from one full size and feel the tone in my arms, legs and belly---l feel renewed. I signed up for this program a few days after I buried my dad—I am so glad I said, yes. I was able to put focus on me, clear my mind through meditation and begin a healthy lifestyle such as he lived……thanks to the ARC_NRG program and family.