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1) Set up the ARC-NRG for correct Height, Comfort and Resistance adjustments.

a) FOOTREST: adjust to suit your height; when positioned correctly the Fixed Upper Chest Support should contact your chest below where your collar bone meets the center of your chest.

b) LOWER CHEST SUPPORT: this is adjustable so it can be positioned for individual comfort, anywhere from the lower chest to bottom of your rib cage. It can even be positioned close to the pivot barrel if the extra support is not required.

c) PIVOT BARREL: adjust accordingly for desired level of resistance. Levels 1-3 are the easier settings and 4-15 are medium to hard.

2) Getting on the ARC-NRG

a) Resistance level setting between 1-3 or

b) Resistance level setting between 4-15,

Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide or adjacent video for correct technique to get on the ARC-NRG.

3) Correct Body Position; once set up and on the ARC-NRG:

a) feet should be so your heels are directly above your toes, not stretched out. 

b)Fixed Upper Chest Support positioned as per A above.

c) Body is in a ‘plank’ position – straight line from your feet to your chest, with core engaged, not slouching in the middle.

 Workout print version

Before we begin, we need to warm up the muscles we are about to work. So we’ll run through some full body warm up moves and some dynamic stretches.

Click on the adjacent video for Demonstrations and full details on correct techniques è  


1) Jogging on the spot   60 sec.

  (for a low impact variation – try high knee marching).

2) Jumping Jacks    60 sec.

  (for a low impact variation – try the grounded version).


1) Shoulder Rolls  Forward & Back 15 each.

2) Arm Circles    Forward & Back 15 each.

3) Torso Twists    15 each side.

4) Hip Circles  15 each leg.

5) Leg Swings    15 each leg.

6) Cat Stretches    15 reps.

Workout print version

We have complied a ‘Base Workout’ that includes exercises both on and off the ARC-NRG, and with & without the ARC-NRG sliders to give you a comprehensive, full-body workout.

Follow the instructions below and after the 4 week mark, begin substituting different moves from the Exercise Menu to give variety to your routine and challenge yourself with some of the harder moves.

Click on the above video for Demonstrations and full details on correct techniques   

Work Out Instructions:

  • Complete all exercises as a circuit (one move after the other) then rest for 90sec. Before beginning the circuit again.
  • Begin with an easy resistance setting (1-3) and complete 3 circuits. Work up to 5 circuits by weeks 3-4.
  • Begin with 4-6 reps of each move, and work up to 10-12 by weeks 3-4. Weeks 5-8 increase resistance settings.
  • Do the ARC-NRG work out every second day. On ‘off’ days consider doing different training suited to your overall health & fitness goals, eg: High Intensiity Interval Training (HIIT).
  • Give yourself at least 1 rest day per week, or ‘active rest’ where you do little more than a leisure activity, eg: long walk, swimming, cycling etc.
  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet!

1) Standard PushUp – Shoulder width hand placement

2) Hand Twist PushUps – with sliders/ Hands inward facing on compression, outward facing on extension 

3) Plank hold – with alternate leg lift

4) Standing Rear Deltoids

5) Plie Squat

6) Forward Lunge – Sgl leg with slider

7) Mountain Climber – with Sliders

8) Triceps PushUp

9) Diamond PushUp

10) Standard PushUp – to fail.

Workout print version

UpperBody & Core

1) Chest Flys with Sliders

2) Knuckle PushUp

3) Wide Hand PushUp

4) PushUp with Alternating Leg Lift

5) Half, Half, full PushUp


Core Specific




4) IN & Out Abs with Jac Leg


Lower Body

1) Windmill Squat

2) Curtsey Squat

3) Side Squat – Alternating Leg

4) Bounce Squat – with Twist

5) Jump Squat

6) Sumo Squat

7) Front & Rear Lung – with Sliders

8) Genie Tuck Jump