You can't out train a bad diet

A Good Meal Plan is Worth The Effort

Putting together the nutritional content for our web site, we found to be quite a challenge – in that, the topic is so large, constantly evolving, and is vital for everyone to grasp, whether the goal be weight loss, weight maintenance or even weight gain!

 After a few re-writes, we decided on an approach that would allow us to put a ‘mark in the sand’, indicating where, on mass, nutrition goes so wrong for so many. Essentially covering the basics, to which we could build on and continue the conversation via additional blog entries and posting Nutritional Plans that some may find useful and keen to adopt.

Nutritional decisions

If a Meal Plan is Not Your 1st Step Towards Getting Healthy It Should be Your 2nd or 3rd Step. 

In the content of our Nutrition Basics, we do specifically say that we are not going to layout a meal plan. And it’s not that we don’t stand by that advice, it’s validity in the context it was offered, and for who that advice was targeted to; as that advice on nutritional basics is geared towards helping the uninitiated take their first steps towards cleaning up their diet, recognizing how much of a 180 that can be, and trying not to scare too many off with strict meal plans and laborious calorie counting.

 Having said that…we do feel there is certainly a valid role that Meal/Nutrition Plans can serve. While there may be portioning and measuring required, the legwork of compiling correct nutritional balance and calorie intake has been done for you.

Healthy Meal Plan

 Following a Meal Plan may be too much of a deviation for you if you’re at stage one of trying to clean up your diet. Jumping straight into following a plan may feel like you’ve tried giving up your bad old ways cold turkey, setting you up for failure. This is why our initial advice covers some nutritional education and tips for those needing to begin on a path towards better eating habits. If you can jump straight into following a Meal Plan – good for you, most of the guess work and figuring what to eat for every meal is taken care of.

Avoid fast food to get the most from your training program

 A Meal Plan might also serve as a good tactic for someone already living a decent healthy lifestyle, but perhaps needing some extra guidance to bust through a plateau in pursuit of a weight loss or weight gain goal.