Our Thinking Has Come Along Way, or Has It?

What really happens when women work out.

Modern Migration from the Cardio Room to the Weight Room

I really think this internet meme should be in past tense, as in ‘what women used to think happened’ as I feel this old-fashioned belief around Health, Fitness & How the body works is not so prevalent today. It’s no longer common place for women to think that doing Resistance training will result in them ‘bulking up’. After all, most women would rather see themselves on the cover of Shape magazine than Flex!

 We’ve seen a mass migration of women out of the cardio room and into the weights room as we now better understand the importance of resistance training to support healthy muscle for an optimum metabolism, burning fat and to give our physique the right kind of curves, in the right places. And as far as ‘bulking up’ goes? Well we also now understand that it takes serious dedication – whether you’re male or female, and specific training to ‘bulk up’ – it ain’t going to happen by accident!

The ARC-NRG Pushup Brings Resistance Training to the Classic Exercise. 

ARC-NRG Pushup

We’re huge advocates for resistance training, so much so we invented a machine around the concept! The ARC-NRG PushUp, that brings scalable resistance to this classic exercise, is all about the virtues of Resistance Training whether your goal is to burn fat, increase strength or build muscle as we all work towards the best version of ourselves.

This pushing, pulling, grunting and groaning shouldn’t just be for the young, fit & fab – the health benefits of Resistance Training can be even more important as we age. It’s probably not talked about nearly enough, but the number one prescription for fighting muscle loss and weakening bones as we age is Resistance Training. So get off that treadmill and drop and give me 20! Oh, can’t push out 20? We can help with that!