Strength Training Preserves and Increases Lean Muscle Mass

Resistance Training VS Cardio

Resistance, or weight training is especially important when in calorie deficit to preserve your lean muscle, maintain your hormone levels and metabolism. A Cardio only routine will certainly achieve weight loss for you but some of that will be at the sacrifice of muscle. I think the best illustration of this can be found when we look at the elite athletes and the effect different training methods have on their bodies.

Strength Training

Take the Olympic Sprinter and the Marathon or Ultra Distance Runner for example. I think for most men & women the preferred physique is the Sprinter’s. The Sprinter lifts a lot of heavy weights in the gym and even when it comes to track work, this is based on powerful short burst – HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) type cardio, not long bouts on the treadmill or lap after lap of the stadium. Result – lean, muscular bodies.

Look Better With PushUps

Now compared to the Marathoner; mile after mile of cardio activity, result – skinny, sinewy bodies. Even though they may be maintaining a nutritious, balanced diet, the high level of steady state cardio has resulted in the body burning a lot of muscle for fuel.

True, cardio will strip away fat – but after all that fat’s gone what do you want to reveal to the world; shapely muscle or pointy bone? DO SOME RESISTANCE TRAINING. Push Ups are good!