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Train The Muscle, Not The Fat

Train The Muscle, Not The Fat

Utilize Resistance Training to Sculpt Your Desired Physique

Work Muscles not Fat

Why do we do resistance training? Well, this type of exercise works our muscles. Why do we want to work our muscles? Any Resistance Exercise that causes the muscles to contract can produce results that include increases in strength, muscle tone, muscle size and/or endurance.

resistance training

 And unlike fat that contributes to the shape of your body parts, which you have no control of, as it adds bulk and curves where it sees fit, muscle on the other hand, is something you do control. Want to change the shape or look of any body part? Adding muscle can do it.  So sculpting our desired physique is another reason we do resistance training.

Resistance Training Leads to an Increased Metabolism 

ageing with muscle mass

Now for the side effects of resistance training; this includes increasing your metabolism, where you will burn more calories thought out the day, even at rest, to sustain the additional muscle mass. This helps maintain a healthy weight now, and maintaining more muscle as you age will keep you younger for longer, with the added bonus of supporting bone strength. Other recent studies also point to improvements in blood pressure and stress levels.

The More Muscles You’re Working, The More Fat You’re Burning!

ARC-NRG PushUp for an improved metabolism

 That’s an overall, general summary of the benefits delivered from resistance training. A more immediate and positive side effect that can help you on a daily basis to this pursuit of building some muscle, is when you’re engaging in resistance training and working those muscles hard – the muscles start screaming out for energy for fuel so they can continue to contract under load and do their job. This ‘fuel’ will be in the form of Carbs and Fat. And the best way to capitalize on this calorie burning opportunity is to work more muscles at the same time, a.k.a. Compound Moves, like the push up! – The More Muscles You’re Working, The More Fat You’re Burning!