The Myth of The Fat Burning Zone

push-ups vs sit-ups

Once upon a time we believed in a ‘Fat Burning Zone’, which was based around exercise time and/or intensity level. Up to date science reveals how this was somewhat misleading, as your body is constantly burning a mix of carbs and fat for energy. Dependant on the specific activity, the ratio of fat to carbs will vary – but you’re always taking from both fuel sources.  We’ve previously covered why your choice, or mix of exercise (cardio v resistance training) is important, especially for retaining muscle in a calorie deficit, hormone balance etc, and once again;

The More Muscles You’re Working, The More Fat You’re Burning

Compound Workout

This is the key statement we use in an attempt to get the message across (or at least promote some thought on the subject) when we compare the Push Up – a Compound Exercise Move, working multiple muscles in the one action, verses the Sit Up – an Isolated Exercise Move, working only one, small muscle group.

 You Can’t Target A Problem Area For Fat LossSit Ups don't work well

Once you understand that that you can’t target a problem area for fat loss, you can stop wasting your time on inefficient work outs and invest your time and effort into pursuits that will burn more calories from huffing and puffing or grunting and groaning. It’s said that it takes around 22,000 situps to burn just one pound of body fat! Again this is not coming exclusively from the fat around your mid-section, and this is because you’re only working a single, small muscle group. You’re abs might be fatigued after not too many sets, sure, but that does not correspond to very much energy spent. This figure of 22,000 sit ups will be in relation to how much energy is contained in a pound of fat (commonly accepted at 3500 calories) and how much energy you burn doing the exercise.

Push-Ups for the best workout

Now the push up is working your arms, shoulders, chest, back AND your Abs – all at once! Plus, your engaging the glutes, hamstrings and calves as you execute each rep, and that’s why we keep saying;

 The More Muscles You’re Working, The More Fat You’re Burning!